Manganji Diagnostic Imagine Support Cennter


Eiseikai Clinic, Manganji Diagnostic Imagine Support Center is located in Manganji, Hino-city, Tokyo.
Our Clinic are commited to provide quality imagine check-up services with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT) ,and X-ray.
Our staff is ready to help you maintain your helth with high level of technique.

First of all, we have a consultation appointment system.
Anyone wishing to take any exam must first obtain a REFERRAL LETTER from another medical facility (from your doctor).
which means, you need a doctor in Japan before coming to our clinic.


Recently number of foreign patients has increased; however, there are some problems at the same time, such as language, a difference of understanding each culture, and a lack of understanding Japanese Imagine systems Those problmes are caused disturbing our examination and consulting process in time.
So, hope all foreigners, who would like to come to our clinic, understand the clinic features indicated below completely prior you come.

  1. Well-communication in Japanese is necessary
    Understanding conversation among a patient, a doctor, a radiologist and staff is very important. If you are NOT good at Japanese, your’d better be with an interpreter. Our doctor and some staff are able to communicate with foreiners in English, but other staffs are not good at conversation in English.
  2. All patients need appontment one week in advance with speaking JAPANESE only.
    and the doctor has to follow its appontment schedule to see patients. If there is no available schedule left for appointment when you book, please try another available time or date. Handling your schedule is your responsibility, not us. Everybody takes care of their schedule. We never accept selfish reason for taking an appointment.
  3. Non-members of health insurance scheme is not available
    In your check-up date, Pls make sure to submit a REFERRAL LETTER from your doctor and your health insurance card at our reception.
  4. Into MRI testing room, must not bring any metallic objects.
    In advance, make sure to remove them. Also anyone have a heat pacemaker or any other internal metalic device, also tatoo can NOT test MRI exam. To such a outpatient, pls ask your doctor in advance. The test invalves using magnetic fields. Any metals will affect the image.


1-19-7, Manganji, Hino-sity, Tokyo
Tel.042-589-2231 (speaking JAPANESE only)

Tamatoshi-Monorail : 7min walk from Manganji station

Consultation Days : Mon – Sat (8:30-18:30)  The first, Third and Fifth Sunday(9:00-17:00)

National holiday and End of year and New Year holidays are not available Consultation for Non-Members of Health Insurance Scheme : Not available
Evening Consultation : Not available.